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Booking Procedure and Conditions

1. Bookings can be made by telephone, but must be confirmed, with a completed booking form within seven days.
2. A deposit of one third of the rent must accompany the booking form. The balance is payable not later than four weeks before your arrival date.
3. A separate Security Deposit cheque of £100 is payable 4 weeks before your stay, which will be returned if the property is left in the condition found.
4. Bookings made within four weeks of the arrival date must be accompanied by the total rent.
5. If you are forced to cancel your booking please telephone us immediately and confirm your cancellation in writing by first class post. We will do our very best to re-let the property. If we are successful we will refund you all monies received, less 25% of the total rent. If we are unable to re-let you will be held liable to pay the full balance due on the property you booked.
We strongly advise you to take out a holiday cancellation insurance to cover against this possibility.
6. The Proprietors reserve the write to cancel or alter the booking arrangements. In the event of cancellation the Proprietors shall be liable only for the return of any monies received.
7. Bookings are from 4 pm on the Saturday of arrival to 11 am on the Saturday of departure.
8. The Resident is responsible for the condition of the property and the furniture and equipment therein.
9. The Proprietor is not liable to the Resident or members of the Resident's party for loss of, or damage to, any belongings of any of them or any of their visitors.
Nor is the Proprietor responsible for acts of negligence or willful damage caused to the Resident or members of the Resident's party by any other person.
10. These conditions may be varied by the Proprietor as necessary due to changes in statute or statutory instruments.
11. During the Resident's right to occupy the property he shall not sublet or otherwise part with possession of it.
12. The number of occupants of the property must not exceed the number stated on the booking form unless prior written approval is obtained.
13. The information and description of the property are for guidance only. The Proprietor shall not be held liable for any misdescription or false information contained therein.
14. The Resident's right to occupy the property is limited to a right of occupation for holiday purposes and such right shall terminate at 11 am on the final Saturday of the booked period.
15. The Proprietor means Mr. & Mrs. D. Graeme-Baker, or their successors in title, the present owners of the property.
16. There is a "duplex style" bedroom in the lounge, but we must stress that any use of this is at the Resident's own risk.
The Resident means the person who signs the Booking Form.
The Property means Fenwick Cottage, described on the Booking Form signed by the Resident.