Fenwick Cottage minutes from the Northumberland National Park

Fenwick Cottage is in the pretty hamlet of Whittingham (pronounced whittin'jum), in the heart of Whittingham Vale and the Aln Valley in the county of Northumberland: England's most northerly county, blessed with some of Britain's most impressive countryside.
This stone cottage has been here for about 300 years but has been extensively modernised inside to ensure a comfortable stay.

Northumberland is bordered by the River Tweed and Scotland to the north, and the North Yorks Moors to the south.
To the east lies the long and rugged coastline with the North Sea.
In the west can be found the Northumberland National Park, 400 square miles of lonely hill country stretching from Hadrian's Wall to the Scottish border: open moors, forest tracks, calm reservoirs, and spectacular waterfalls all go to make a walkers paradise crossed by few roads.
The coastline between the outflows of the Tweed and the Coquet has been designated an 'Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty'; long uncrowded sandy beaches and pretty fishing villages. Coupled to this a wildlife habitat that boasts rare birds, seals and the occasional dolphin or whale and you have one of the most beautiful coastlines in the British Isles.

This is frontier country, frequently fought over by the Scots and the English, leading to the building of some splendid border castles. Roman settlements and forts are to be found on every hill top. Hadrian's Wall to the south of the county stands as a reminder of one of the worlds greatest empires.

Despite its often grim past, steeped in blood, it is the place where Christianity first found a foothold in the British Isles: Lindisfarne, where St. Cuthbert lived and built the Priory, is the destination of the many modern day pilgrims who cross to Holy Island along the causeway from the mainland.

Further north towards the border town of Berwick, a much earlier history is apparent in the fossils along Scremerston beach: mile upon mile of tiny creatures captured in stone.

History pervades everything you see in Northumberland - it is hard to walk a mile without being made aware of it in every fold in the ground.

This is not a county for those who want to enjoy a discotheque or bright lights.
If, however, like us, you work in a city and you are tired of the dirt, the fumes and the bustle, the chances are you will fall in love with Northumberland.

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